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Enjoy a serious and punctual baby-sitter, with the native language of your choice, coming to your place. With the understanding of your rules and preferences, she will propose creative activities, take care of the bath, meals and bedtime in your absence.


Maximum 3 children per baby-sitter
3 hours minimum
Free cancelation up to 48 hours before the appointment


Our nannies, are qualified and experienced, they take care of your children throughout the day, dealing with waking them up, the bath, meals, homework, bedtime, etc.

Their role concentrates on the child’s needs and activities, and related tasks such as tidying up and washing their clothes and doing their dishes.


Maximum 3 children per nanny
Engagement 1 month minimum
Free cancelation up to 48 hours before the appointment


Feeling like dancing all night, just like it used to be, without a painful early morning reminder?

Our night rate is just what you need, with a baby-sitter in your home from 8pm to 10am the next day.


Maximum 3 children per baby-sitter
Flat-rate from 8pm to 10am


To assist you through a busy vacation, a discreet  and qualified baby-sitter is blessing.

You can enjoy your own activities, and rest, while still having your kids around and enjoy them.


Maximum 3 children per baby-sitter


An invaluable support through the first few months of your newborn, to help you recover from giving birth, and to get enough sleep ahead of the demanding days.

Alert, discreet, and thoroughly qualified for infant care, our night sitter will be your best ally.


Maximum two babies per sitter
Flat-rate from 10pm to 6am the next day


nurse service

The duration of maternity leaven without complications is 2 days on average, that is mean the time from young parentse to get to know their baby and learn to care for it.

Good supervision after birth is essential, especially when the lanyard around him has been brought.

Nounou Lisboa offers a specialized nurse service at home who can accompany you both for infant care (hygiene, food, sleep) for those of the mother (episiotomy, cesarean).


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